Pic spam of DEATH

I’ve been away for a while, so what better than to pic spam you all!

So, what have I been up to? Skilling up goldsmithing, eventually getting these babies. It’s on hold while gold ore prices stabilise after the new gobby bags…


Killing random NMs is always good.


Plenty of this…


Some of this – though I can’t keep up with the virtue stones needed – also gained Prudence Rod.


Obligatory sillies…



Finally did Apocalypse Nigh – fantastic cut scene beforehand.



Been skilling up on whm a lot as well. Finally got this! Now working on Club of Trials.



But at the moment, starting a new job. Samurai. Enjoying it, though not always easy to get parties on it…


Finally hit rank 10 Windy! Next up, Bastok.


But last night was the big thing. We did Dyna-Xarca with 21 (lead up to xmas etc), and had a mammoth run, with 6 AF falling, including blm hat x2…


Ok, so my lot sucked on the first one – but we were not expecting a second…


The run eventually led to this…


2x blm, 1 pld, 1 mnk, 1 sam, 1 drg in the one run. Can’t be beat! Enjoy Christmas folks!


Updatery goodness

I’ve updated my to-do list, also my Quests to complete list. Just have to do the merits and the general one now.

One other thing. These little babies dropped from Dyna-Jeuno on Monday. One of the three whm pieces I really want.

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Pre WoTG goals progress

So, I set myself some targets for things to finish before WoTG came out (or as Pat puts it, part of my lofty goals!).

These were – finish Windy quests (apart from AF ones)
Finish ToAU missions
Finish Windy missions
Finish Apocalypse Nigh
Get as high as possible with Assault rank
Fishing to 55.

So how am I doing? Well, Saturday saw me ding 54 with fishing, so that should be no problem. ToAU was completed a couple of weeks ago – fun, but not as challenging as CoP. Assaults, well I hit Chief Sergeant on Sunday morning, and have cleared one more, so just need 20 points to get to Second Lieutenant. Ideally I’d like to hit First Lieutenant (it’s possible!), but basic officer status will do me!

Apocalypse Nigh – well, took my first big step towards that yesterday by getting all the Promy silvers, so now (after a couple of CS) ready for that fight. We are intending to do it on Sunday – will involve 2 runs, as there are 8 of us. I also finally finally finally managed to finish smn to 37! When we did our last promy run, we decided to do the ENM as well. There was eight of us, so slightly gimped xp, but not too shabby! The 2250 tipped me over to 37, so it is finally done! One thing I did notice was how much they have nerfed promys. There are no mobs there now!

Windy missions is the one I’m likely not to finish. I’ve been trying to catch people up, and it is kind of slow… Fitting in with everyone. Ah well, it will get there eventually!

Bard is now at 36, the same level as Seedz is actually at with his rdm. So I’m ready to start work on sam. Bought O kotes, hauby etc, so I’m pretty much set to go.

I think this week I’m going to work on updating (on here) my goals etc!

Progress be us.

So, I’m now making good progress with Assaults. One more new clear and I will be able to rank up to Chief Sergeant.

Supplies Recovery. What an annoying luck based assault. Kill imps, get more supplies than the 2 blu npc helpers. First time was unlucky, even though we killed more imps than the blus! Second time, we just managed to scrape the win, but a clear is a clear!

Stop the Bloodshed Another annoying S assault. Kill 35+ chigoes, avoid the true sight lamia who will not sleep. Again, managed to clear on second time, but one to avoid as far as possible.

Imperial Treasure Retrieval Nice easy (comparitively) assault – sub thf, run round trying to get gems, playing tag. Made more interesting by Pindaro deciding to cap it at 70 – meaning me and Tilion ended up naked as all our main clothes were 72+. Four way tag was very funny.

So, one more clear for me to hit CS. I need 29 clears for Captain (including a Nyzul one). I’ll get there. Then I can focus on finishing off Yigit.

Other than that, I’ve been levelling bard up a bit, now at 35. Aim is to get to 37, mule my gear away, and wait for myself and Seedz to have a bit of time to static as bard and rdm. In the meantime, I work on sam. I managed to pick up a cheap hauby this week, I just need to farm/harvest/fish up the money for O kotes, then I am pretty much set apart from little bits and pieces.

But the biggest piece of news was perhaps the fact that Patient has come back to the game. In a word – yay!


So, I have finished ToAU, thankfully before WoTG comes out. Not as cool as CoP, but better than ZM. The last fight was the most fun part to be honest with you. Assaults, I finally completed the rank up to Sergeant Major.

At the moment, however, I’m getting incredibly frustrated. I’d love a day off during the week. Limbus is now non-mandatory, but I need so many ABCs (225 total) and I want Nashira, that I am going whenever I can. As a result, Sunday is our only day off. I can’t get the time to level anymore. Weekends are crap for me, rl means I can log on here and there, but I can’t get concentrated levelling time. If I do log on, I am doing assaults, or going for maps or stuff.

Honestly, I’m coming close to the end of my tether with things (there is other stuff bubbling under which I don’t want to go into). Once again, the fun is being sucked out. I have bard at 31 and sam I want to level, but I cannot get the time to focus on things. So I have to decide. Do I want a chance at the items, or what. Of course I do, so events are all I do. Log on, prepare for event, do it, log off. I know in part rl is busy on the weekends, but during the week? All I seem to do is event after event. Can’t even get merits! Boss seems to think that having a break for Christmas even is a bad idea, thinking that the breakup of Konoha was due to having a break – never mind all the drama that was around at that time regardless. But I’m waffling. I’ll keep an eye on things, and hope I get it back under control soon.

Post 100!

2/3 cut scenes for rank up to Sergeant Major complete. Please let me complete the last one soon – I just had to turn down two assaults I hadn’t cleared.

All cut scenes done up to ToAU 42. Ready for final two fights.

I need to stop and actually level at some point. Weekend will be filled with trying to pop Ix’drg (hell, it helps my blm buffer) and making some cash.

Getting there with my pre-WoTG wishlist!

el oh el

Tilion + me in a silly mood = chaos.

True fact.